Álvaro Réa-Neto


Álvaro Réa-Neto is Associate Professor of Medicine of Paraná Federal University in Curitiba, Brazil, and Director of CEPETI - Centre for Studies and Research in Intensive Care Medicine.
He was President of the Associação de Medicina Intensiva Brasileira (AMIB) in 2008 and 2009 and continues to be an active contributor to the affairs of the Association. He was Chairman of the XI Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine in 2004 and was recently chosen to be the President of 13th WFSICCM World Congress that will be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2017.

He is Section Editor of the Brazilian Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, has extensive academic and educational achievements in Brazilian Intensive Care Medicine, published several papers in national and international literature and was editor of 4 books in the field of Critical Care Medicine.

Dr Réa-Neto is also a Director of Cepeti (Centre for the Study and Research in Intensive Care. Medicine) where he coordinates 12 ICUs in 6 different hospitals in Curitiba, Brazil.  His special areas of interest in Critical Care Medicine are Sepsis, Infection, Neurological Critical Care, Heart Failure and ICU Management.



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