Welcome to the website of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Medicine.

The World Federation consists of 79 member societies (both medical and nursing) and is a truly world wide organisation.

The website reflects the aims of the Federation to promote the highest standards of intensive and critical care medicine, for all mankind, without discrimination.

This can only be done if the patients' carers are knowledgeable about this area of medicine. For this they need to share knowledge and learn more about patients and their diseases (research). The World Federation is committed to these aims.


We would welcome feedback on what you like and dislike about the site or suggestions for how it can be made even better.



WFSICCM Constitution


The latest Consitution was approved and then ratified by the General Assemblies meeting in Soeul, Korea in August 2015.


View the WFSICCM Constitution by clicking HERE