An Ebola viral hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Guinea has spread to involve neighbouring countries, Sierra Leone and Liberia. There has been an increasing number of cases, with the current estimate of suspected cases at 103 responsible for 63 deaths, including a limited number of health care workers. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is helping to provide a coordinating role and supplying technical and clinical support. Guinea does not have substantial recent experience with viral hemorrhagic fever, and the country's health infrastructure is very limited.

The WHO are seeking a limited number of critical care and infectious diseases physicians who are able to travel to affected countries on behalf of WHO, and to provide care.  Experience in working in resource-challenged settings, and proficiency in French is desirable.  The deployment would be expected to be in the range of many weeks, and will involve working in difficult conditions with limited resources. The role would be as a temporary consultant to WHO, and there would be travel, lodging and modest per diem expenses covered but no salary.


If there are interested individuals in your society, please forward a note and your CV to Nikki Shindo ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), with any questions and potential availability.


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